State Senator
Tupac A. Hunter

"One of the most important weapons in the fight against foreclosure is information. That's why it is so essential that we arm homeowners with access to the information and resources that they need in order to keep their homes."

Financial Assistance

Distressed Owner/Occupant Extension:

Some homeowners may be eligible and can apply for an extension on their property taxes. An eligible person must own and occupy his/her home as a principal residence and meet poverty income standards. A Distressed Owner/ Occupant Extension will extend the time acceptable to pay those taxes until December 16, 2013, BUT it does not stop the interest from accruing. Download Here

Stipulated Payment Agreement:

If you do not qualify for a Distressed Owner/Occupant Extension, you may be able to enter into a Stipulated Payment Agreement. You must not have an unpaid previous extension or outstanding payment agreement in order to enter into this agreement. To find out if you qualify for the Stipulated Payment Agreement, contact Wayne County Taxpayer Assistance Department, either send an email to or call at (313) 224-6105.

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